The last couple of weeks have been manic. Spending a lot of time working on audition pieces for the Sweeney Todd audition coming up for Manchester Royal Exchange. Got myself a good singing coach locally so getting as much time as possible with him. Having to learn a couple of songs and scenes for the role of Beadle Bamford. Would really like to get this one. Love Sondheim and adore Sweeney Todd. I know I can nail it with the acting but vocally, I hope they like the voice.
Had a couple of other castings this week. One for an event at the Olympic Park for which I got a recall. All pretty positive on that. The other was for a webseries called SHRINK. I had a pretty good castign for that and they seemed suitably impressed. So much so that I got a call this morning offering me the role. Happy boy here. I've just received a script for a feature offering me one of the leads in it. Aparrently it's a thriller so will be reading that with hope and intererst.
Nice sunny day today so I'm off to a big park with no interruptions to do some work and a little singing.


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