About three weeks ago I was burgled. SO pissed off. They smashed my front door which wouldn't have happened if my bloody landlord had done something about security for the buildings main door. I told him and all I got was oh dear, bad luck. That's all I got.  Fuck your sympathy, I say.  A lot of my stuff taken and it makes it hard for me to work to pay the bills. This includes his rent. So if I'm a little short, he's going to have to wait for it.
On the search for a new place now. If I get that sort of treatment after being his tenant for over twelve years, I don't want to be his reliable tenant anymore.
Sadly, I didn't get the Sweeney Todd gig. My voice had let me down. Must do something about that. Also had a casting for The Lovesong of Alfred J. Hitchcock. Sooo close, but no cigar. I wonder what the other actor had that I didn't? Looking forward to finding out who got it. Would've  really liked to have got that one. I liked the company and thought the director was a top man. Ah well, I wasn't meant to get the role for some reason.
On a more positive not, I got the Oplympic Park gig, which was for Mumford & Sons, got the webseries, 'Shrink' and the feature I was sent turned out nice, I've got one of the leads so all's not bad. 
Waitign to see what the second half of this year brings me. Hope it's somethi


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