Today has been a pretty productive day. Finally. For some reason I spent most of the morning walking around like a zombie and nodding off to sleep. No energy or inclination to do anything. Can't figure out why. But later this afternoon, I just erupted and couldn't do enough things. Did some more work on Dead Crazy and came up with new additions, Started working on my lines for SOUR MILK which I'm shooting next week and really looking forward to it. Later in the evening I came on here to add more stuff onto the site. Still got loads more but I want to do it gradually. I'm always worried about doing stuff like this. I knwo it's all part of the push yourself thing but I sometimes feel like I'm bragging and people will think, "What a tosser". Well, I am a tosser at times and an arrogant one at that but I don't really mean to be. Well let's just hope not many people do think that of me. It's bad enough that I think it myself.
Well, that's enough for now, I don't want to mull over it. I'm in need of a nice hot mug of coffee. Kettle just boiled. Ta ta!


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