Today, filled with what is becoming a commom pattern for my days, I've been writing more on I POLISH 'EM OFF and learning script for a casting this afternoon in Museum Street for a pilot project called 'Sour Milk', a very crude, no punches held film. Can't say any more until I've heard whether I got the part.
After that, I spent another two hours sitting in Costas working on Polish 'em Off. I work better in cafe surroundings. For some strange reason I can concentrate and words and ideas just flow out.

The play is coming along, I've now just got to the interval and I'm now finding a pattern and rhythm for the piece. It's easy to put down all the facts from the research but that just makes it feel like a lecture. For some reason, I got a really good grasp with where I was going to go with the character and he's now taking shape. I'm still keeping the subject matter under wraps until I'm confident I've got the full script and have given it a couple of rewrites then it will be announced. I had the skeleton for it all and the structure was pretty much there but now, I'm beginning to flesh it out and breathe some life into it. Giving it that human feel.
FInal thing before going home was me actually buying myself a new suit. Bloody nice piece of cloth.


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