Saturday and it feels like any other day. It's been a while since I felt that weekends are special. I just keep on working to better my life and career.
Most of today was about I POLISH 'EM OFF. I've now got past the half way mark and into the second act. I found my natural break in the play and from the looks of it, the piece is going to come in at 40 pages at the least. Good length. It will probably run between 80 - 100 minutes. Good length, I feel. All I need do is to keep the story interesting and draw the audience into the characters world. So much research and not just into him but the world he lived in. I love this period. It's really fascinating. It's incredible what the human race did to it's fellow human beings and how people survived.
The evening is going to be spent working on DEAD CRAZY. I have a few more ideas I want to play with to give the opening a better impact.
Finally, DUCT TAPE, a short I was in is doing well in the Film of the Month competition on Shooting People and in a commercial short film competition. Cash prize involved in that one so a big GOOD LUCK to the director, Yann, on those two.
The weekend looks like it's going to be decent, which means crowds on this bank dholiday.


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