About three weeks ago I was burgled. SO pissed off. They smashed my front door which wouldn't have happened if my bloody landlord had done something about security for the buildings main door. I told him and all I got was oh dear, bad luck. That's all I got.  Fuck your sympathy, I say.  A lot of my stuff taken and it makes it hard for me to work to pay the bills. This includes his rent. So if I'm a little short, he's going to have to wait for it.
On the search for a new place now. If I get that sort of treatment after being his tenant for over twelve years, I don't want to be his reliable tenant anymore.
Sadly, I didn't get the Sweeney Todd gig. My voice had let me down. Must do something about that. Also had a casting for The Lovesong of Alfred J. Hitchcock. Sooo close, but no cigar. I wonder what the other actor had that I didn't? Looking forward to finding out who got it. Would've  really liked to have got that one. I liked the company and thought the director was a top man. Ah well, I wasn't meant to get the role for some reason.
On a more positive not, I got the Oplympic Park gig, which was for Mumford & Sons, got the webseries, 'Shrink' and the feature I was sent turned out nice, I've got one of the leads so all's not bad. 
Waitign to see what the second half of this year brings me. Hope it's somethi
The last couple of weeks have been manic. Spending a lot of time working on audition pieces for the Sweeney Todd audition coming up for Manchester Royal Exchange. Got myself a good singing coach locally so getting as much time as possible with him. Having to learn a couple of songs and scenes for the role of Beadle Bamford. Would really like to get this one. Love Sondheim and adore Sweeney Todd. I know I can nail it with the acting but vocally, I hope they like the voice.
Had a couple of other castings this week. One for an event at the Olympic Park for which I got a recall. All pretty positive on that. The other was for a webseries called SHRINK. I had a pretty good castign for that and they seemed suitably impressed. So much so that I got a call this morning offering me the role. Happy boy here. I've just received a script for a feature offering me one of the leads in it. Aparrently it's a thriller so will be reading that with hope and intererst.
Nice sunny day today so I'm off to a big park with no interruptions to do some work and a little singing.
The last couple of weeks were pretty hectic but productive. Saturday saw the last of teh TV pilots. I'd shot 5 different projects, all nice roles and all pretty good subject matters. It would be nice for at least one of them to be picked up. At least they're all going to be viewed by established program commisioners. Good excercise in learning multiple roles with different styles and intensities of production.
Sunday was my first day off so I chilled in my favourite healthy coffee shop in Wanstead and wrote more of my one man show. It's creeping it's was towards 50 pages now. Also come up with a good way to finish the play.
The rest of today, Monday, will be working on Dead Crazy. Got to push forward with it no matter how slow the progress is. So long as it's not standing still.
Today has been a pretty productive day. Finally. For some reason I spent most of the morning walking around like a zombie and nodding off to sleep. No energy or inclination to do anything. Can't figure out why. But later this afternoon, I just erupted and couldn't do enough things. Did some more work on Dead Crazy and came up with new additions, Started working on my lines for SOUR MILK which I'm shooting next week and really looking forward to it. Later in the evening I came on here to add more stuff onto the site. Still got loads more but I want to do it gradually. I'm always worried about doing stuff like this. I knwo it's all part of the push yourself thing but I sometimes feel like I'm bragging and people will think, "What a tosser". Well, I am a tosser at times and an arrogant one at that but I don't really mean to be. Well let's just hope not many people do think that of me. It's bad enough that I think it myself.
Well, that's enough for now, I don't want to mull over it. I'm in need of a nice hot mug of coffee. Kettle just boiled. Ta ta!
Saturday and it feels like any other day. It's been a while since I felt that weekends are special. I just keep on working to better my life and career.
Most of today was about I POLISH 'EM OFF. I've now got past the half way mark and into the second act. I found my natural break in the play and from the looks of it, the piece is going to come in at 40 pages at the least. Good length. It will probably run between 80 - 100 minutes. Good length, I feel. All I need do is to keep the story interesting and draw the audience into the characters world. So much research and not just into him but the world he lived in. I love this period. It's really fascinating. It's incredible what the human race did to it's fellow human beings and how people survived.
The evening is going to be spent working on DEAD CRAZY. I have a few more ideas I want to play with to give the opening a better impact.
Finally, DUCT TAPE, a short I was in is doing well in the Film of the Month competition on Shooting People and in a commercial short film competition. Cash prize involved in that one so a big GOOD LUCK to the director, Yann, on those two.
The weekend looks like it's going to be decent, which means crowds on this bank dholiday.
Today, filled with what is becoming a commom pattern for my days, I've been writing more on I POLISH 'EM OFF and learning script for a casting this afternoon in Museum Street for a pilot project called 'Sour Milk', a very crude, no punches held film. Can't say any more until I've heard whether I got the part.
After that, I spent another two hours sitting in Costas working on Polish 'em Off. I work better in cafe surroundings. For some strange reason I can concentrate and words and ideas just flow out.

The play is coming along, I've now just got to the interval and I'm now finding a pattern and rhythm for the piece. It's easy to put down all the facts from the research but that just makes it feel like a lecture. For some reason, I got a really good grasp with where I was going to go with the character and he's now taking shape. I'm still keeping the subject matter under wraps until I'm confident I've got the full script and have given it a couple of rewrites then it will be announced. I had the skeleton for it all and the structure was pretty much there but now, I'm beginning to flesh it out and breathe some life into it. Giving it that human feel.
FInal thing before going home was me actually buying myself a new suit. Bloody nice piece of cloth.


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